Social media started many years ago as a platform to catch up with friends, to engage in general chit chat and to see what your mums had for dinner (that’s if you allow your mum to be your friend on facebook, a follower of instagram or a liker on twitter)

Nowadays our social media platforms are more than just a community of friends saying hello! Research now suggests that the role of social media on marketing decisions is overwhelming. It seems that it is now the time that businesses need to start looking further into their social media strategy or creating one if you haven’t done so already.

What is important to point out at this point, is, that if there is not a clear outline to the strategy, results of any social media advertising may be disappointing and can be deemed as a waste of resources and money.

If you read my previous blog on ‘What influences a consumer in decision making’ (If you haven’t already make sure you check out my previous blog HERE) Where I explore social factors into decision making. As mentioned in that blog, Social media plays an essential role in our buying decisions, pressures within social groups can strongly influence what we may decide upon.

It is said that  71% of consumers purchase online due to social media reviews. With over 80% likely to purchase an item based on friend’s recommendations. In conclusion to those percentages we can see that The Influence Social Media has in purchasing is huge!

If you don’t have a strategy, it may be definitely time you started thinking about implementing one.

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