Within 5 seconds of landing on your website you need to ask yourself these questions.. Can your visitors determine what your business is about? Is the layout clear and is it easy to navigate the site? Can they find what they are looking for?

If you can confidently answered ‘Yes” to all of the above then well done your website seems to be well on the way to being incredible! If you answered “No” to 1 or more of the above it may be you need to look into improving your web design and web development!

We have put together 8 easy to follow tips to help you with web design and web development

Tip #1 Have a plan

What do you want your website to do? What are your main objectives? This may seem simple, but many websites fail because their objectives are not reflected in their design. Make sure you have a clear pre composed plan.. and stick to it.

Tip #2 BOLD, Creative Typeography

Over the last few years, the possibilities for using type on the web have expanded enormously. However, something to consider is keeping the number of fonts used, to a Minimum. For instance, using more than 3 types of fonts makes a website look unstructured and not at all professiona

Tip #3 Call to Action

Once your visitors land on your site, do they know what to do next? Probably not … you need to guide your user, make it plain and simple. Call to actions are one of the many elements that indicate the next step user should take on a page.

Web Design And Web Development

Tip #4 Image Selection

Images represent your brand, using real photos of your customers and employees will engage customers more than a photo that looks like a stock image.

Remember, the web is pixel based, so if your image isn’t the correct size it may look pixelated.

Tip #5 Easy to use navigation

Complicated navigations create far too many options for the user, so much so that they may decide to leave your site altogether, which is not what you want.

Tip #6 White space

Too much clutter can distract readers and make a site appear overly complicated. Not every blank area of the screen needs to be filled. Not to mention whitespace can make it clear where a reader’s attention should be focused.

Tip #7 Mobile Optimisation

In 2016 mobile phones were officially named as the primary devices used for browsing the web – no surprises there! As we are sure you are aware, mobile devices come with significantly smaller screens than desktop screens, which limit the amount of content a user can see at once. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then you might lose out on a large number of leads

Web Design And Web Development
Tip #8 Be found

So you have a website and it looks great… now need to be found! This starts with developing an SEO strategy, as a leading SEO web design company we know how important it is to get this right! Ideally, SEO should be built into the web design process and not added late.  Some businesses don’t think about SEO until after having a website designed (or redesigned) it is, however, the main contributor to your online presence.

We hope you have learnt a lot from our easy to follow tips of web design and web development. If you need help putting together a design, redesign or even an SEO Strategy, please do get in touch today on 02392 421 312 or email us at helen@helencope.com