Did you know Facebook have recently announced some big updates to their news feed? Find out what these Facebook news feed changes will mean to your Facebook business page and how you can stay ahead of the competition.

Check out the full video on the latest Facebook news feed changes below;

In a facebook post Mark Zuckerberg sent out of January 12th he said “I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content, to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.”  

The first changes you’ll see will be in News Feed, where you can expect to see more from your friends, family and groups. This will mean these updates won’t just affect your experience in the news feed you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And more public content.”

So what does this mean and how will affect the way in which we interact with our facebook audience moving forward?

Adam Mooseri who is head of news feed for Facebook stated; There will be less video. Video is an important part of the ecosystem. It’s been consistently growing. But it’s more passive in nature. There’s less conversation on videos, particularly public videos.”

This means your going to see a lot less of these 60 sec short videos and animated gifs as Facebook feels you just sit back, watch and don’t engage.

However Facebook will favour posts which use Facebook Live video, as they feel it makes it easy for your audience to interact with each other.  So if you haven’t already added Facebook Live video to your facebook marketing strategy, you should!

Facebook are also looking for posts that will spark meaningful conversations between people. With Facebook favouring posts with long comments as opposed to one word answer or short comments.

Links to external pages for example your blog posts or website product pages are going to have less value than posts which keep the your audience in the Facebook ecosystem.

If you are currently posting numerous times a day in hope this tactic will get you exposure, it wont with this new update. So be careful what you choose to post. Limit how often you are posting and try and be more thoughtful in what you post because, Facebook will favour posts that spark interaction. Not just between you and your audience but posts which spark your audience to communicate with each other. Facebook are looking for engaging interactive content between people.

Facebook has also chosen to penalise clickbait. If you post content which asks for comments, Facebook will give these types of posts lesser value. This could affect any content which ask users to comment with a short or one word answer because facebook is looking for longer more engaging comments.

See first is a Facebook preference to allow you to see more posts from people or pages you like. When you select a person or page to see first, their posts appear at the top of your News Feed.

To use see first from a profile or Page:

  1. If you’re not already following the profile or Page, click Follow near their cover photo
  2. Hover over Following or Liked near their cover photo
  3. Select See First

You can select up to 30 people or Pages to see first in your newsfeed

So it will be really important to educate your audience and become a see firsters.

So what’s left for businesses?
Well Facebook have almost cornered businesses and as such most will be looking to Facebook Ad’s to ensure your content is seen.

Facebook Ad’s will no doubt go up in price as a direct result of these changes, as I am sure we will see a rise in businesses turning to Facebook Ads as a way to get there content seen. So you will need brush up on your facebook advertising knowledge.

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