B2B SaaS
Content Marketing

Become a SaaS people recognise for delivering timely value at every turn.
Creating a robust content strategy starts with understanding your business objectives, audience, and sales cycle. I know scientifically, then plan creatively to give your audience the content they need and give you the results you want.

Why do you need a content marketing strategy?

A strong content marketing strategy is required because 70% of the buyer’s journey happens online before reaching out to sales. So it’s time to partner with a content marketer that knows how to cut through the noise.

I create content marketing strategies to drive better lead acquisition, education, online engagement and nurturing. I am committed to developing a deep understanding of your customer’s journey and delivering critical information at the correct times.

How does B2B SaaS Content Marketing Work?

Content marketing gets your company noticed without taking a hard-sell approach. Instead, it’s about attracting more prospects from every stage of the sales cycle and empowering them to make their own decisions while positioning your brand as a leading source of information.


 I begin by learning about your business and your customers. Once I understand these key areas, I create a customised content marketing strategy that includes lead nurturing campaigns and educational content. My content strategy is always backed by research and data insights, ensuring I target high-value opportunities to get your content in front of your ideal customer audience. 

Get a strategic content roadmap that enriches your customer's journey.

Create awareness. Nurture interest. Drive commitment.

From blog posts to case studies, I ensure your online presence will position you as an industry thought leader while guiding prospects through your funnel on autopilot.


Produce content that's intentional to the very last word count.

Know what your audience needs, then provide it.

I take a surgical approach to keyword research, customer behaviour, and competitive benchmarks to define your content’s topics, timing, and formatting.

Present your message beautifully, clearly, and creatively.

Mind the details. Reap the rewards.

Visually appealing content draws more eyes. From white papers to infographics, I will ensure your brand always looks ready to impress.

Transform your strategic blueprint into compelling content.

Delegate with clarity and confidence.

I will walk you through your content brief to make sure you understand what needs completing. I’ll also provide training on how to implement my recommendations to your content teams.