B2B SaaS 
Lead Generation

As a SaaS business, you have clearly defined goals around product demos and free trial sign-ups. But if you cannot secure conversion rates that seem to meet these goals, you may need to rethink your marketing and lead generation strategy. 

I specialise in attracting new customers by creating compelling content and a friction-free online experience. I achieve this by understanding your customers better than anyone else. 

What is B2B lead generation?

For B2B SaaS organisations, lead generation is the first step in your sales process. A lead gets generated when a potential client initiates interest or enquires about the products or services that your SaaS offers.

Lead generation sits at the top of your marketing funnel as it’s a critical aspect of sales generation, with virtually every sale you make beginning with quality lead generation.

How does lead generation work?

I start by understanding your target customers; it is essential to know why these businesses are searching for a company like yours. What are their pain points and their goals? Recognising this will ensure you understand how to help them.

Research Marketing channels

I research the channels they use and where they are most likely to consume information. Of course, not all prospects use every channel. While some will favour social media and specific networks, others will use search engines and blogs. Understanding the channels your customers hang out will highlight where you should focus your efforts on lead generation. Thus, helping you avoid a low ROI and limited results, even with significant levels of spending.

Things to consider

When building your B2B lead generation strategy, I will consider the message you will use, including;

  1. How are you going to approach prospects?
  2. What answers can you provide?
  3. What value can they bring to their company?

When I have these answers, I will start creating the content that connects it all. The content I create will target your prospects, address their pain points, and provide a message that will provoke a response.

I don't stop there!

This process needs to be constant and continuous. I will always be moving your leads through the funnel onto the next step. I use lead generation tools to measure, analyse and report the results of your lead generation campaigns. I utilise deep data dives to explore behavioural triggers while continuously making tweaks and improvements as I develop an integrated strategy.