B2B SaaS 
SEO Services

Customer-Led SEO delivers more than just keyword rankings. My SEO services for B2B SaaS organisations were built for software companies like yours, helping you connect marketing and sales for more organic SQLs that turn into revenue.

AN SEO Consultant Specialising in B2B SaaS

As a leading SEO consultant with over 16 years of experience, I take an inbound approach to creating content that will attract, convert, close and delight more customers.

After all, SEO is about much more than just keywords and meta tags. It’s about building the right plan for your SaaS that will set you up for the long term with continuous sustainable growth.

My approach TO SEO FOR B2B SaaS

I stay away from spammy practices and cheap tactics. From keyword research to technical on-page optimisation to effective content strategies, my focus is on building the right plan for your SaaS business to succeed.
Position your company in the areas you need to show up online so that your prospects can find and view you as an industry leader they want to do business with.

SEO Management

I will steer the ship and be responsible for your SaaS SEO success.

SEO Strategy & Planning

As an inbound marketing expert, I will develop strategic SEO plans and work with you on key initiatives to boost your online exposure and increase organic traffic.

SEO Implementation

I will take care of all your digital needs, including technical SEO optimisations, analytics, ad creative and anything else you might need.

Monthly Reporting

I provide monthly reporting on all of your favourite KPI’s and engagement metrics to help you make critical decisions and monitor growth.


Show new audiences what they’ve been missing. Low search volumes and non-existent categories won’t stop you. I use creative strategies to capture good leads despite low awareness.

See short-term wins while driving long-term growth.

Maintain strategic focus. SEO takes time, but it shouldn’t take forever. By prioritising the highest-impact tasks, I will start proving concepts, and you will start seeing revenue growth faster.