Social Media For
B2B SaaS 

Become the social butterfly of the SaaS world and drive results and massive lead numbers through your social media activities. I’ll show you how!
Social media is one of the primary drivers of qualified leads for most SaaS companies. If you don’t think it is for your company, you might not be leveraging social media correctly.

How I Can Help With Your
B2B SaaS Social Media Marketing

Instead of using social media as a megaphone, you need to think of it as a walkie-talkie that allows you to engage and communicate with your target buyers. Then, when you help them with their problems and deliver them valuable content, they’ll return the favour with their business.

I will ensure you have a solid social media marketing strategy that effectively targets your ideal buyer, engages with them, gets them into the marketing funnel, and produces tangible results for your sales team.

Social media strategy

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Engagement & interaction

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Find Your Perfect Platform

The key to effective social media marketing is understanding which platform is right for your business. For example, while SaaS businesses targeting solicitors might not benefit from interacting with their clients on Facebook, they may well win new business from recommendations and mutual acquaintances on LinkedIn; this is where I help.

Whether it’s a standalone service or part of an integrated content marketing or search engine marketing campaign, I will set up Facebook fan pages, build a following on Twitter or establish your business as a thought leader in your industry. The aim: to win you friends, followers and some valuable online publicity. And what does online promotion equal? That’s right, lovely new leads for your business!